Bliss Box

Bliss Box

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In this fast paced world of social media, the internet and materialism, we can lose sight of ourselves and get pulled into mainstream ideas and negative thinking processes.

This Mailer Includes:

Power of The Joy Journal© process is an opportunity for all of us to slow down and focus on Life as a Celebration.

Instead of focusing on what is missing or isn't working in our lives and the world, with our journals we take time out of the busyness and focus on what gives us Joy. Power of The Joy Journal© offers an opportunity to know and understand ourselves as unique expressions of Life—all the while feeling confident as our journey of life unfolds. Power of The Joy Journal© is a three part resilience building empowerment process designed to increase self esteem and confidence, encourage positive thinking and expand compassion and teamwork. Each part of the process is a module of content that encourages self discovery and reflection.


100% Soy Vegan 8 oz Intention Candle - Hand poured in Elora, ON


Beginners Crystal Guide


100% Vegan, Locally sourced Bath & Body Samplers


Locally Sourced Smudge Sticks - Smoke Medicine


Locally Sourced Wellness Tea Sampler



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