Ask Allie

Got Questions that NEED answers?

Ask Allie anything, and she'll ask the professionals.

Feeling shy asking your GYNO about that thing. Think you're the only one who has that strange habit? NOTHING is off limits. Simply looking for the best self tanner to use?

Allie can answer that too.

By seeking out professionals, know-it-alls, and industry leaders - she gets to the bottom of your most burning questions.

psst, if your bottom is burning, please see a medical professional)

Answers should never substitute medical advice. Always consult your doctor. 


I'm Allie! Your neighbourhood gal pal!

You can find me downtown, making Brow Goals happen.

Aside, from my 15 years experience in the beauty industry 

and 30 years on the planet, identifying as a womxn.

I've come to learn a few things!

PLUS I've gotten to meet and chat with some AMAZING people along the way. 


What's something we all have in common? 


We got questions 


 Things that were skipped in Health Class. 

Hair growing and falling out, 

Occasional Smells. 

Living Skin; growing and stretching and folding.




and that question we've been asking ourselves since middle school...



So I'm here to clear the air.

To ask the tough, the embarrassing, the strange, the hard questions. 


and MOST IMPORTANTLY find the right people to ANSWER them. 


Go ahead, ask allie!